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Oops… did I forget about part 3 already? Well, here you go!

We got to hang out in San Diego for the last leg (week) of our trip. My very dear friend, Liz, lives (well, lived, she’s now back in Ohio) in San Diego, so we were able to stay with her for part of the trip. We stayed at her place for a few nights and then at a hotel for a few. We had quite a good time down there and cannot WAIT to get back sooner than later! On to the pictures!


I adooore this picture! This is the original version, but I’ve photoshopped several different versions of it. Although I keep coming back to this one. This is at Torrey Pines beach, I believe. So wonderful!


Bryce on a see-saw! I mean how cute is that?! We met up with our friends Abby, Matt and their son Ian. They were in San Diego at the same time we were. And because Abby used to live in SD, she brought us some of the BEST kept secret foods: Carne Asada Steak Fries. I’ll just let you drool over that thought. I’m so bummed I didn’t get a picture. My hands were too full from cramming them into my mouth. mmm….

Bryce made a friend while we were at the park eating with Abby, Matt and Ian. She is such a cutie, and I cannot remember her name. Serves me right for waiting so long to blog about this..


Here’s a picture of Liz and me on top of a mountain in San Diego. Bet you didn’t know San Diego has a mountain! I had no idea… the view was awesome though!



Liz took us to South Beach to get some Grilled Mahi Tacos. omg… I want to go back RIGHT. NOW. They were the best things I’ve had, my mouth is salivating right now. I must be hungry because I sure am talking a lot about food in this post! Anyway, we got to eat right by the beach in the shade of a palm tree. How perfect 🙂


Bryce and Liz chat it up on the phone. I love this picture 🙂


Find the baby! I stuck Bryce on the porch before we headed off to the hotel. She seemed like she wanted to stay!


Unfortunately we were in an accident on our way to the beach one day. Obviously we didn’t make it there… This is our rental car after being rear-ended on the freeway. Why were we rear-ended on a freeway, you ask? There was a dog in the road being chased by his owner. ON THE FREEWAY. Yeah. I was confused too. I stopped just in time to keep us from hitting the dog and the man, but the woman behind me did not stop in time. And therefore our rental was totalled. Awesome. We were all ok, praise the Lord, but we took Bryce to the hospital anyway just to make sure that she was ok. Her car seat was jostled and moved around a lot, so we just wanted to double check.


Hopefully this is Bryce’s one and only time in the back of a cop car…. We had to hitch a ride with one of the cops because the tow-truck was not going to have room for all three of us. The really nice cop drove us back to the airport to Hertz to get a new car. He was super kind about it. Also, ALWAYS GET THE DAMAGE INSURANCE FOR YOUR RENTAL CAR! We didn’t have to use it because it wasn’t our fault, but maaaan, we were close to it being our fault! It’s cheap, and worth it. Do it!


Bryce and I in the back of the cop car. Yaaay, good times…


So instead of the beach, we ended up at the pool at our hotel. Bryce seemed to enjoy herself anyway 🙂


We went to Balboa park the day before we left, which is near where Liz works, so we ate lunch with her and did some sightseeing. What a beautiful park!


Love and adore this architecture!


We also took a visit to La Jolla beach. This is the cove at La Jolla where Liz says she swims sometimes. This is legit swimming I’m talking about, not just playing in the waves. She trains for triathlons, the crazy woman.


Here’s Wes trying to convince Bryce that it’s time to start packing up. She didn’t want to leave 🙂


There’s this adorable little coffee/scone shop called Rebecca’s in San Diego. They have awesome chairs and sofa’s all over the place, and I wanted so badly to pack up this chair and take it home, however, luggage restrictions being as they are, we left it there.


San Diego is not all beaches and cute babies (although it’s close), there is some nice foliage hanging out as well! Anyone know what this thing is called?


This is at Torrey Pines beach again. The little boy was stomping on his sand castle, trying to destroy it before the waves did 🙂


A dad and his daughter. Really.. it could not be any cuter…


Ok, it got cuter 🙂 We found this shawl in Old Town San Diego at some side shop next to a restaurant that we were eating at. She looked entirely too adorable in it, so we had to take it home. I hope it still fits her by the time it gets cold around here!
That’s the end of our California trip pictures, thanks for hanging in there with me! That was a long one! 🙂



  1. K-Go #
    August 15, 2009

    Loved the pictures!! You guys would fit in well with the laid-back Cali lifestyle! 🙂

  2. August 20, 2009

    Whatever you paid for the shawl was worth it!

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