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I mean just look at them!

And CHICKENS, you all! Chickens! I totally want some for my small backyard. That would work, right?

This next family is near and dear to my heart. I haven’t known them for super long, but I love and adore them like I’ve known them forever! These next few pictures are back from earlier this summer when Melissa was pregnant and it was just a family of three. She asked if we could do more of a lifestyle photography, instead of posey-pose kind of pictures. And let me tell you, I was ALL for it. I’m not the best at posing families or people, I love following people around with my camera and just capturing life. I feel like that is where my pictures shine. Thank you, Melissa, for wanting the kind of pictures that I love to do. Your family was the perfect one to capture and to start on that road of photojournalism again 🙂

Not only did I get to capture their family at their home, but I was honored to be there at the birth of their second child, a daughter. I was asked to come capture the birth, and despite my failing camera, I was able to capture some amazing, intimate moments.

Congrats to Matt, Melissa, Linden, and baby Elsa! You all are such a lovely and wonderful family! I wish you all were closer 🙂

Oh man, y’all… Blogging… What can I tell you? It’s obviously not my thing. So I’ll skip the apologies and just share some of my favorite pictures and families from over the past couple (uh… six?) months.

I’ve done maternity sessions that quickly turned into newborn sessions (did you know that when you hire me to take pictures of your baby it’s also mandatory that I get to snuggle with your baby?), I’ve had 8,032 family sessions for the Christmas season (I love family sessions with all my heart), and an awesome, amazing, wedding (Weddings! Who knew that they would quickly become my favorite thing to do!).

Without further ado…


Oh that glorious, shining light in these kids 🙂

(I couldn’t decide between these two pictures.. I mean really, could you? Look at those CHEEKS!)

Weddings! Brides, listen up… You want to do a first look before your wedding, seriously. It’s one of the most amazing intimate moments you will get with your groom all day long. They will still tear up and get all emotional on you when you walk down that aisle, even if they’ve seen you already 🙂

Phew! It was an amazing fall/winter/spring time for me with these lovely people! I can’t wait for the summer time, I know it’s hot, but that’s why you have hoses, water guns and swimsuits! Because whose kid doesn’t look super adorable in a swimsuit?

If you’re looking for some new, fresh family photos, now is the perfect time! If you have a new squishy one that needs to be cuddled, I mean captured in photos, they will only be this age once, get them in print before those little piggies become big piggies.

Thanks to all my families for allowing me to be part of your life, if only for a short period of time. I treasure these moments, and I hope you do to!