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I knew it would happen when we left for vacation… Jaden arrived! And obviously he was perfect, all 6lbs and 15oz of him 🙂 There’s a lot of pictures for this one, so I’ll try to stick to less words.

Well, you know me and baby feet.. so here you go!



Love the hair patterns on newborns 🙂

More squishy toes!

Caught him in a smirk, what a sweetheart!

That lovely family, now plus one 🙂

Can’t forget big sister, Hailey! This is the face she gave me when I asked her to smile 🙂

Three feet pictures in one post. That may be a record.


Keri, Jeremy, Hailey and Jaden! I could not be more excited about your awesome family of four! You are all such wonderful people and you deserve the absolute best that life could bring you. Love you all dearly!


I had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest little baby girl the other day! Her name is Norah and she has the softest, fuzziest hair 🙂 She was quite alert and hungry throughout our entire session (well, besides the first picture), but still a sweetheart.

The proud parents,

A special gift from a friend

I love this moment, it’s one of my favorite pictures from the session. I asked them to sit by the crib with Norah and gave no direction, they simply just sat there adoring their baby girl 🙂

Another favorite of mine,

Of course it wouldn’t be an AmandaBryce newborn shoot without the baby feet. Love those wrinkles 🙂

I have another kid! WOOHOO! You thought I didn’t post regularly enough before, just you wait 🙂

Her name is Mina Star, and she was born October 21st and was 6lbs, 4oz, a little peanut compared to Miss Bryce when she was born. She is a week old in these pictures and is now 4 weeks old (holy cow, seriously, where does the time go?!). She is so precious, even when she’s awake (EVERY DAY) from 4:30am till her big sister gets up.

I wrote up my birth story if you’re ever interested in those kind of things, and it’s super long even though I was in labor for less than 2 hours (yikes, talk about being efficient – something this blog never sees).

Anyway, here’s the cuteness, I have more recent pictures, but you know… Those probably won’t get up for another 2 months 🙂

(yeah she looks a little yellow in these pictures, and some of it’s jaundice but most of it is lazy editing)


Bryce LOVES and ADORES this kid, it’s so sweet 🙂

Aaaand we’re done 😉

She’s finally here! Baby Eva, you have been long awaited in the Payne family that is full of boys 🙂 Eva is actually Dave and Lauren’s first, but everyone (myself included) thought that Lauren was going to have a boy. Needless to say, Eva was a surprise! And what a cute little surprise she is, take a look for yourself:

oh the baby yawns, they get me every time!

This kid seriously had the best faces! She is definitely her father’s child,

This scale used to be the scale that they weighed Dave’s sister on, I love family stuff that’s handed down like that:

Again with the faces 🙂

Dave and Lauren are big missions people and have travelled all over the world. On their last trip to Africa, they picked up a few baskets and Dave thought we should try Eva out in one of them. Let me say, before you see this next picture, that Eva is 10 days old when I took these pictures. Ten. The child had a stronger neck than most 2 month olds that I’ve met! Her head was up for most of the pictures, and she was awake almost the whole session! Dave and Lauren certainly have their work cut out for them!

She was hungry at this point 🙂 It takes a lot of energy to keep your head up for that long!

Along with baby yawns, baby feet also get me, I mean just look at the cute little piggies 🙂

The diaper bag is courtesy of Lauren’s mom, so we had to put it to good use 🙂

Thought we’d end with the baby feet ’cause I love them so much!

Dave and Lauren, congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to see baby Eva grow and what she will become. I have no doubt that you two will be the best of parents and that Eva will grow up in a house full of love. Can’t wait to do some family pictures with you all!