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My friend asked me to take some nursing photos of her and her son Julian the other day. They didn’t come out quite like I had imagined, but I still like them. Thanks again Pamela for allowing me to capture such an intimate moment! Also, I love the blanket! Bryce hasn’t quite gotten to use it yet as it has been wrapped around my shoulders while I sit on the couch in our cold room!

Until I became pregnant, I never knew how good breastfeeding was for your little bebe’s. I mean I knew it was better than formula, but in the end I thought it was all kind of similar. Nope! I don’t have time to get into how good breastfeeding is for your baby and even the mom, but here is an awesome website that just gives the basics of how awesome breast milk is for everyone. I’m so glad that I decided to breastfeed Bryce. It’s easier, cleaner, quicker, healthier, etc, etc… Now I’m not knocking formula, we had to supplement with Bryce for a week or two when she was a week old and, quite frankly, it helped her thrive because I didn’t have enough milk yet. But in the end, I love nursing her, and I love the bond that it creates, and I know she is better for it. And so am I 🙂

So anyways, enough chit-chat, here’s some pictures!

I took a few non-nursing photos of Julian in front of the Christmas tree. Here he is with his Santa hat, seriously too cute 🙂

(I love the above photo, I took it without looking through the viewfinder which is why part of his head is cut off, and I’m kind of bummed about that, but you know… take what you can get!)

Oh man, I love the tummy and the thighs… yummy 🙂