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I. Love. This. Session.

Kyle and Sarah were one of my favorite sessions of the year so far 🙂 I have known Sarah since she was in junior high, so WOW is it ever weird that she’s engaged and getting married! I met up with them at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna (which, if you haven’t been there, you should totally go), and we braved the heat (and gnats, ew) and got some awesome pictures. I’m pretty sure I had them kiss about 1,803 times (which they totally hated, obviously). They were just so cute together, I kept asking Kyle to give Sarah a kiss and he obliged so nicely. For pictures of course. I think that if you took a drink every time you saw them kissing or being cute in this post, you would be more than happy by the end!

Drink number one! Go!


Pretty, pretty little ring 🙂

They’re about to kiss here, so you might as well take a drink 🙂

DIP! (They had to practice this a time or two, shh…)

One of my favorites…

Shhhh… It was a secret. Of something. 🙂

Ok, just kiss already!

YAY! We’re getting married!!


Kyle and Sarah, you are SUCH lovely people! I had the best time with you, thank you for going along with my ideas and for the arduous task of kissing one another. It’s hard being such beautiful people, I’m sure. I wish you all the best on your marriage, and I can’t wait to follow you and your future!

Erin contacted me a while ago for some engagement pictures for her and her fiance, Marcus. When we were finally able to settle on a date, I was so looking forward to shooting in Old Town Alexandria with that yummy, golden light, and THEN… it was cloudy and misty. Good times. Thankfully, it stopped misting and raining, Erin claimed the night to have turned out “kind of nice”, so on we went! And she was right, there is something nice about cloudy days, it casts a nice, soft white box and makes things look a little more even.
I loved hanging out with Marcus and Erin, they are so adorably cute together and were such agreeable, kind, good-looking people! Of course, they didn’t mind kissing it up in front of the camera, so that didn’t hurt either 🙂

Funny story about this bench. We were walking along the sidewalk and I thought it would be a nice place to take pictures, but the owner was out front taking out the trash. So I whispered that I was going to wait till she was gone so we could take a picture on the bench. Marcus said, “Do you want me to ask her?” Uhh… sure? I hadn’t even thought of asking, ha! He was one of the kindest people, and asked if she needed help with her trash before he asked about taking pictures. Of course she obliged to the picture taking, and we got a nice picture on the bench 🙂 Seriously, Marcus, people just aren’t as nice as you are in this area! Please spread that kindness around!

This is one of my favorites, I had no problem getting them to kiss one another 🙂

People walking by on the sidewalk were like, “what are they doing? Why is she taking their picture?”


Another favorite, they are so at ease with each other, it’s cute when he makes her laugh,

We ducked inside this kitschy little shop for some pictures. We asked one of the ladies working there if it was alright to take pictures, she said it was. Then we went upstairs to take a few more and were told by some guy to not take pictures. Anyway.. We got a few good ones before then!

Erin and Marcus, it was SUCH a pleasure to meet the two of you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives for a short time, I hope to run into you all again sometime soon!