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Remember about 10 months ago when I posted about that cute little 4 week old baby? Well in less than a month, she will be ONE YEAR OLD! Sweet Moses! In an effort to hold on to her tininess (although, she’s not so tiny in these pictures), we did a mini-shoot at the Reston Town Center. Mina has SO MUCH personality! She is such a little firecracker 🙂 She definitely lets you know what is on her mind in any way that she can. And as cranky as she can be, she is 10 times happier. She loves, loves to laugh and smile. And she watches everything, taking it all in. She started army crawling at 8 months, crawling full time at 8.5 months, and now at 11 months is getting ready to walk.

Enough talk, here’s the cute kid:

She loves playing with my camera strap:


You can’t tell in this picture, but she has 5 teeth and seems to be working on 18 more…….. I hate teething.

Little baby, big world.


Seriously. Even though she is up at all times of the night, this smile during the day makes me forget how exhausted I am!

Ok, those eyes make me forget too.

I love you with all my heart, Mina Star. I cannot imagine life without you, you are such a shining joy in our lives 🙂

I have another kid! WOOHOO! You thought I didn’t post regularly enough before, just you wait 🙂

Her name is Mina Star, and she was born October 21st and was 6lbs, 4oz, a little peanut compared to Miss Bryce when she was born. She is a week old in these pictures and is now 4 weeks old (holy cow, seriously, where does the time go?!). She is so precious, even when she’s awake (EVERY DAY) from 4:30am till her big sister gets up.

I wrote up my birth story if you’re ever interested in those kind of things, and it’s super long even though I was in labor for less than 2 hours (yikes, talk about being efficient – something this blog never sees).

Anyway, here’s the cuteness, I have more recent pictures, but you know… Those probably won’t get up for another 2 months 🙂

(yeah she looks a little yellow in these pictures, and some of it’s jaundice but most of it is lazy editing)


Bryce LOVES and ADORES this kid, it’s so sweet 🙂

Aaaand we’re done 😉

What’s that you say? Why am I posting a blog about my kid when I have like 2 or 3 weddings to do? Cause it’s my blog, that’s why 🙂 Plus my kid is cute and since there is another one coming quite shortly, she deserves the spotlight at least one more time all by herself.
We went to a tiny pumpkin patch close to our house yesterday so we could pick up a pumpkin or two and have some fun. We were going to go to the Leesburg Animal Park, which in the fall is called Pumpkinville (I went last year with my friend Keri and her daughter), but this was closer, just as much fun, and best of all: FREE!!!

I seriously love how these gourds are shaped like ducks. They make me happy 🙂

My cute little kitty cat,

There was a moon bounce at the place and, honestly, Bryce would live there if we let her. She could have jumped all day long until she just passed out. Wes also loved the jumping 🙂

You may also notice the lack of padding on the bottom. That’s because Bryce uses the potty now! WOOHOO!! I love it 🙂

Yeah that’s not creepy for a toddler at all…

They had a Tee-Pee set up outside, and in the Tee-Pee there was a drum set. Oddly enough it was not anything close to a Native American drum set, but a kids sized rock drum set. She also thoroughly enjoyed this time of rocking out 🙂

Showing me her “lil’ pumptin”

I definitely have a very similar shot from last year,

I think I’m going to have to try to get her in a wagon with a pumpkin every year now 🙂 No smiles though, this girl is too cool for smiling!

Can’t wait for next year! Then we’ll have two kiddos to stick in the wagon 🙂