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I mean just look at them!

And CHICKENS, you all! Chickens! I totally want some for my small backyard. That would work, right?

This next family is near and dear to my heart. I haven’t known them for super long, but I love and adore them like I’ve known them forever! These next few pictures are back from earlier this summer when Melissa was pregnant and it was just a family of three. She asked if we could do more of a lifestyle photography, instead of posey-pose kind of pictures. And let me tell you, I was ALL for it. I’m not the best at posing families or people, I love following people around with my camera and just capturing life. I feel like that is where my pictures shine. Thank you, Melissa, for wanting the kind of pictures that I love to do. Your family was the perfect one to capture and to start on that road of photojournalism again 🙂

Not only did I get to capture their family at their home, but I was honored to be there at the birth of their second child, a daughter. I was asked to come capture the birth, and despite my failing camera, I was able to capture some amazing, intimate moments.

Congrats to Matt, Melissa, Linden, and baby Elsa! You all are such a lovely and wonderful family! I wish you all were closer 🙂

I knew it would happen when we left for vacation… Jaden arrived! And obviously he was perfect, all 6lbs and 15oz of him 🙂 There’s a lot of pictures for this one, so I’ll try to stick to less words.

Well, you know me and baby feet.. so here you go!



Love the hair patterns on newborns 🙂

More squishy toes!

Caught him in a smirk, what a sweetheart!

That lovely family, now plus one 🙂

Can’t forget big sister, Hailey! This is the face she gave me when I asked her to smile 🙂

Three feet pictures in one post. That may be a record.


Keri, Jeremy, Hailey and Jaden! I could not be more excited about your awesome family of four! You are all such wonderful people and you deserve the absolute best that life could bring you. Love you all dearly!


Back in early May, before we left for Portland, my very best friend was expecting her second kiddo, a little boy (insert squeals of excitement!). So we got together to show off that perfect, baby boy belly of hers 🙂

I love Keri’s laugh, so contagious!


She also has a pretty cool husband and awesome daughter 🙂

Seriously, how cute are these two!

Ahh, willow trees.. I knew you were my favorite tree for some reason 🙂

My daughter and Keri’s daughter are BFF’s. Well, most times anyway 🙂

Miss Hailey telling Jaden that it’s time to COME OUT!

Lovely family,


Next up, Part Two! Jaden comes! YAY!