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Aww, I really liked this family! Just looking back through these pictures makes me smile again 🙂 Colin answered the door before I could even knock on it, and I was immediately introduced to his special Polar Bear given to him by his aunt.

We went outside and braved the gnats for a few pictures. Colin didn’t last long, but it’s ok, because neither did I 🙂

Admiring the new babe, Megan.Well hello there, Bright Eyes!

Special Daddy/Daughter moments.. .*tear*

Colin was told if he cooperated with the photo shoot that there would be some Chuggington trains waiting for him at the end. He was perfect and kissed and smiled like he owned the place. His patience with my clicking was rewarded 🙂

Fun family play time,


Thanks for letting me hang out with your family for a bit, Wolf Family! It’s always fun getting to peak into the lives of other people. Your kids are adorable and I can’t wait to see them grow up!

Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph some pretty cute kids! This year I was able to get their whole family, whole family as in brothers, grandparents, parents and cousins as well 🙂 We went back to Morven Park in Leesburg (I love that place) and battled the gnats, but we had a great time!

I took a similar picture of Claire last year, I love how stoic she looks, quite the little model 🙂

These are the grandparents, I *loved* how affectionate they were with each other, too cute 🙂

Here’s the cousins!

And the whole family:

I asked Joshua to give Claire a little kiss, she was fine with it until she realized what he was actually doing 😉

What a lovely family you all are! I had so much fun with you guys and I can’t wait for next year! 🙂

This might be a quick post because I have a very important (and delicious) coconut tart that is waiting to be made. Also, the kid is asleep but I think I hear her waking up (ENTIRELY TOO EARLY, CHILD) so this will now be even quicker. Weee!

Aaron and Brandon are three year old twins who really did not care about their picture being taken 🙂 I think they are wonderful and fun boys, they just didn’t really want to do what we wanted them to do. Which really, they are three years old. You don’t get a lot of cooperative ones that age 🙂 But still, there are some cute pictures of them anyway..

This is one of my favorites:


I think this may also be one of the few times that they are both looking at the camera at the same time!


I won’t lie…I can’t tell them apart unless they are in their jackets (Brandon in Brown and Aaron in Blue). But this next one is in black and white, so it’s not helping me out 🙂


What a beautiful setting we had! We went to Morven Park in Leesburg. We had to stay on the other side of the property because there was a wedding going on. No matter though, I think we got the better end of the deal!




Searching for sticks and places to dig. This went on for most of the session 🙂


I have no idea what kind of fruit/thing these are, but they were SO COOL, to me at least. The boys were a little weary of them.



The leaf throwing was supposed to be a fun idea. But only Aaron really got into it 🙂



Awww… too bad my shadow is totally on their jeans, it’s still pretty cute 🙂


Mama liked this one, me too 🙂


Um, can we go play?


We started to play a game of Red Light, Green Light and that totally got them to stand still for 2 seconds! Gotta put that trick in my pocket for next time!


Thanks boys for a fun shoot! Hope to see you all in the spring or summer when it’s a bit warmer and we can see your cute shirts! 🙂

I photographed a 10 year old boys Karate birthday party last Saturday (I’m sure that there should have been coma’s or dashes in that sentence, but since this is a quick post, I don’t care!). I had no idea what to expect, but I had a ton of fun watching these boys run around and get exhausted! The boys really had such a fun time taking orders from the Masters and they even got to get in a few kicks at them.

Here’s a picture of the birthday boy with the two Master’s:


Happy Birthday, Alex! Hope you had a good one!