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So if you don’t remember my friend Michelle, you can find her previous session here. This was our final one, as Baby P. is due next week (or really any day now, you never know with kiddos). This time around we got her husband, Luke, involved with us. We took a nice walk around the lake near their house and just enjoyed the perfect weather!

Seriously, they’re adorable together 🙂

I know it’s cliche to have the partner hold the basketball next to the pregnant one’s belly, but it must have been fate because we happened to come upon a basketball on our walk. So of course I made Luke be cheesy, he enjoyed it, I know he did.

And then there were the frogs. I was not a fan, but this one was kind of cute.

I love me some good ole’ sun flare!

Apparently this is how Luke kissed Michelle for their “wedding” kiss (awww…) so they like to recreate it any chance they get 🙂

There are one of these shots of Michelle every session I took. I love the series 🙂

Yay for the home stretch! You can come now Baby P., we’re all ready for you 🙂

I have been photographing this awesome woman for a few months now. I took her first maternity photos when she was only 20ish weeks along, so she only had the tiniest of bellies (but it was super cute). Then I did another session about a month later, and now another month later. We’ve been doing a “series” of sorts, watching her grow along the way. What a fun journey!

She is so close to having this kid (due the end of May), and we are all so excited for her and her husband! They deserve nothing but the best and happiness for the rest of their lives. This child is going to be so incredibly loved 🙂

Here’s a few pictures of Michelle at 30ish weeks, such a wonderful glow!

I love how relaxed and serene she looks in this picture,

Cute, little belly-button starting to pop out 🙂

Michelle is planning on cloth diapering their new bambino, which makes me SO excited! I could talk your ear off about cloth-diapering. I absolutely love it, and it’s nothing like cloth-diapering used to be. It’s super easy and so much cuter on your baby, not to mention it’s a great way to go green. Did you know that it takes 500 years (that’s FIVE HUNDRED) for a disposable diaper to degrade? That’s just FYI. Michelle is holding a newborn cloth diaper that was just too cute to pass up a picture of!

Double the belly, double the fun!

Michelle, you are beautiful and I cannot wait for our last session! But even more, I can’t wait till we can meet your new, little, loved one!

I photographed my friend Kirstin a couple of weeks ago. She is pregnant with her second boy and is just now about 30 weeks along, but she said she was feeling huge (she’s not, by the way!), so she had wanted some belly shots sooner than later. She brought along her first born, Wesley, who, truth be told, kind of took over my camera. You’ll understand when you see him, he is quite the looker 😉

One of my favorite pictures is posted in the last post, but why not post it again? I love it:


The pictures are kind of out of order, but it would take monumental effort for me (or not, I’m probably just lazy this morning) to rearrange them!

There was a field of yellow flowers in my neighborhood so we decided to take advantage of them. Here’s Kirstin and her tiny belly! Also, any name suggestions (it’s a boy)? They are stuck!


Wesley wanted to show off his belly too 🙂



Kirstin loves the way that Wesley’s darker little hand looked on her belly, I have to agree, it’s so sweet!


Hugs for mama!


Kisses too!



Haha! This one is way out of order, it was one of the first pictures. Our “landlord” Dave has a motorcycle, and Wesley apparently has a big love for motorcycles, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a picture of him on one!


And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled belly shots:


Picking some flowers to put on mama’s belly:


Wesley loves to show off his muscles 🙂


He also likes to show the flowers


I hadn’t brought my wide angle with me in order to lessen the load (I had Bryce with me), but I wish I had. All I had with me was my 50mm (which, don’t get me wrong, it’s my absolute favorite lens), but I couldn’t really get a whole shot of Kirstin because I was unable to move in the field because I had a little 14 month old (*cough-Bryce-cough*) clinging to my legs begging to leave. Anyway, I don’t know if that makes sense, but I couldn’t get a whole body shot of Kirstin without tripping over my kid. Next time: babysitter…


I love, love, love his curls!


Awww…. I love them 🙂


Thanks, Kirstin, for letting me capture this time of your life! I’m so glad you decided you wanted some belly pictures 🙂 And the cookies were pretty awesome 🙂 I can’t wait to meet your new little man!

I did two “baby” sessions in the past two weeks. One was for my friend Linda who has an almost four month old baby girl named Sophie:


The second was for my friend Kirstin who is due in November with her second little boy. Her first is named Wesley, and he sure loves that belly 🙂


More pictures to come, I had to put up at least a sneak preview before I forgot!