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Eileen and I used to work together at the Adoption Center of Washington. I was there as an intern my senior year at Mason while going for my Social Work degree. She emailed a while ago and asked if I would take pictures of her and her sisters for their parents anniversary. We walked around Georgetown on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and EVERYONE was out! 🙂 But we had tons of fun anyways, there was definitely a lot of jumping 🙂

And here they are in no particular order (because I am once again running out of time tonight):



(aw, I should have uploaded the color one because there is an amazing red door behind them. Just imagine, please.)





Boy do I ever love this cobblestone street!



And oddly enough, this being the last picture of this post, it was one of the first pictures I took that evening. Well, I guess that’s not odd. Anyway…

Thanks, Eileen! Hope your parents liked them! 🙂

Sooo, I know it’s a Visa commercial, but you have to admit, it is kind of inspiring!

Problem is, the kid is asleep, and it’s raining and that really demotivates me.
Wow… Way to bring a downer to the blog, Amanda.

Dude… I suck at blogging… oh well 🙂

Last Saturday, Wes, Bryce and I went to DC to meet up with some fun friends from Flickr. There were a BUNCH of people that I did not know, and a few that I did. Some people came from New York and Pennsylvania just to be involved in this fun group of awesomeness.

Here’s some pictures from the cold, grey (but fun) day:

Aw, <3.

These are people that I actually do know, on the top we have Erin and John (they both live in Ashburn), and on the bottom we have another Erin (who lives in New York) and her boyfriend Jason (who lives in Fairfax). They are pretty much awesome 🙂


Here is the action! When you get a bunch of photographer together you get some, um… weird pictures. I’ll let you guess what their pictures turned out like 🙂


Another picture of Jason and Erin. I seem to have a lot of those, they’re just so darn cute together!


Ahh, the Capitol.

5And the Lincoln Memorial.


The baby passed out pretty early in her AWESOME, new-to-us, only-$30-from-Craigslist stroller 🙂


And speaking of the baby… This just melts my heart 🙂 *sigh*


And here’s the other love of my life in front of the Monument. Patriotic Wes 😀


Looking up at the monument and a flag.



We found this awesome tree that was right next to the monument, and of course, had to take pictures in it. Bryce wanted her own close up, and it’s hard to not oblige her 🙂


Hey! It’s Super-Baby!


Did you know that they empty the Reflecting Pool in the winter? I didn’t either… Apparently it is so the water does not expand and break the cement. Who knew? Wes decided that he wanted to take a little dip. In the empty Reflecting Pool. In the cold. He is a crazy man 🙂


Of course we had to do a jumping shot!
(are you tired yet of all the pictures and my lame narrative? I am 🙂


Another picture to add to the Baby in Random Places book 🙂 I think I’m going to call it, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Although I feel like that might be copyright infringement. Sorry, Dr. Seuss.



Wes had to leave early in order to get to the Edge practice at church. So before we left the area I made sure that we visited Georgetown Cupcakes. I had a craving and I needed it fulfilled (no, I’m not pregnant again…).  BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER. And totally worth the wait in the drizzling rain! And worth it to make us rush to get back home in time 🙂 The flavors we got were (top, l-r) Mocah, Chocolate3, Peanut-butter/Chocolate, (bottom, l-r) Vanilla, Chocolate2, and Red Velvet. Please wipe the drool off your screen.

And now the baby is awake so I must go 🙂

Wes, Bryce and I went to Ikea on Saturday to get some new holders for our DVD’s. 1.) Because Bryce is eventually going to crawl and we didn’t want the DVD’s on the ground where she could pull at them, and 2.) I just noticed the old DVD holder has a broken foot and will probably fall on the aforementioned baby. That would be sad; obviously.

Anyway, I love to put my kid into random places and take pictures of her, I think it’s adorable 🙂 It’s nice now because she can sit up but can’t crawl yet. So if I leave her in one place, she pretty much stays there. I have to get these pictures out of the way now because I know once she learns how to crawl then it’s no more cute-baby-in-random-places pictures. By the way, there are a LOT of these… It was hard to narrow it down 🙂

And on to the pictures, because I know that is why you are really here. The kid:



When she has a “big-girl” bed, I’m totally buying this canopy, it’s awesome! If I weren’t a 26 year old adult, I might buy it for myself. Also, if I slept in a twin bed it might work. But I don’t.


Had to get a family picture while we were there!


Bryce loves to eat fake rocks. I’m sure Ikea employees were less than thrilled.


“This one! I want this one, mom!”


She adored that chair 🙂 I couldn’t get her to look at the camera for the life of me. Wes is standing off to the left which is where she’s looking. She’s always searching for him, even when he’s not home. After I’m done feeding her (we usually sit on the couch upstairs to nurse when we’re home) she’ll stand on my lap and stare into the closet or the bathroom looking for dad. It’s kind of cute. 🙂


She also loved this little egg-chair. Her hands were running everywhere!


This cart was her favorite! Immediately after I set her in there she was kicking her feet furiously and had the biggest grin! I realize that this is not a random place to have a baby, but I liked the picture and because this is my blog I’m putting it up here anyway 🙂


$10 for that cute soft toy! What a steal..
This is my favorite from the day. Wes set her in a big bin full of stuffed animals and she really could not be any cuter! People definitely stared 🙂 They were just jealous.