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Here is my last wedding from 2010 before life got busy and I had 2 kids 🙂 Net, sorry it took me so long to get this one up!

What a great wedding and a beautiful location! Linette and Brent were married at the Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, MD. What a gorgeous, old mansion! It was a great day for a wedding, beautiful weather, perfect sunset, fun people.. you get the gist! Here’s some of my favorites from the day:

Walking down the aisle,

Getting a little emotional!

Linette and Brent incorporated a very touching foot washing portion into the ceremony,

The timing of the sunset could not have been more perfect:

Brent surprised Linette with an old car to take a little ride in and we got a few pictures with it (the kind totally escapes me now… anyone?).

Lookin’ good mama!

Fun little treat corner,

Ring shot!

The mansion outdoors at night,

Dance time! Here’s our dancing queens:

Smallest dance room ever, but it was so much fun!

We snuck away after the reception to get some portraits of the newly weds,

And they’re off!

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph your day you all! I had such a good time and it was a great wedding to go out on for me 🙂

I am off to bed soon, but I wanted to share a few more pictures from the Gebels wedding day.

I love these two, it was obvious that these two had so much fun together 🙂

And seriously, this wedding party was awesome, they rocked that tractor, I think:

My most favorite wedding party shot ever (nothing real special about it, I just love it):

The boys looking quite daper:

Awww 🙂 (the lighting was perrrrfect!)

I tried to get them to eat off of the same piece of corn on the cob, but Emily kept laughing at the ridiculous faces that Zach would make and she couldn’t bring herself to do it 🙂

More later!!

Dude, I know… Blogging is not my thing. But I’m gonna keep trying. Maybe one day, right? 🙂

I recently had the honor of photographing the wedding of two good friends. I met the groom while in the choir at our church, and the bride I met over time as they started dating. I *instantly* liked Linda, from the very start. She is one of those very unassuming people who makes you feel comfortable and as though you’ve known her for a long time. Jim I have known for a few years, and while he is closer to my husband, I’ve always considered him a good friend. He is funny, smart and you know for sure that Jim is one of those loyal friends who would do anything for you!

The wedding was gorgeous, yet laid back and relaxing. This is probably the least stressed out I have ever been while photographing a wedding. Both Jim and Linda went with the flow, whatever happened is what happened (not that anything bad happened, the day went so smoothly), they were flexible and receptive to what would come their way.

Jim and Linda, thanks again for choosing me, I had so much fun and felt more like a guest than your photographer on your big day 🙂

Linda got ready at her maid of honors house, but her dress was waiting for her in the basement at her parents house (which, by the way, is now Jim and Linda’s house because her parents moved out). It was a very European home (Linda and her family are from Denmark), and I loved every inch of it 🙂 Linda’s “bridal room” was very clean and open. Quite soothing!

Linda stepping into her dress, her maid of honor is on the other side of her helping her out,

I’m not sure what it is about this photo that I really enjoy, but I sure do love it!

Linda was SO excited when the car came to pick her up! She was thrilled that she was about to get married 🙂

Linda is one very eco-conscious woman. She wanted her florist to be as green as possible in the choices that were made for their flowers. Most of Linda’s flowers (including the centerpieces on the tables) were from the florists very own garden! I got to take a centerpiece home with me and it is still sitting outside on our porch (although I think I really need to water it at this point because it has been incredibly HOT here in NoVA!).

Last minute touch-ups,

On the way to see her groom!

Not the best picture, but the paparazzi were everywhere! 🙂


So happy to be married 🙂

One of the awesome centerpieces:

I forgot to mention that the wedding was at the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington, DC (yup, the one by the White House). And people let me tell you… this was one of the BEST brunches I have ever had! I mean, they had a WAFFLE BAR! Brides, this is one option that will not disappoint anyone. Guaranteed. 🙂

More of the beautiful centerpieces. Linda was telling me that most (if not all) of the centerpieces had herbs and flowers in them were able to be used in cooking!

Linda relaxing with a glass of champagne 🙂

Shrimp Cocktail!

Behind the food stations there were some couches set up that you could relax and hang out on. There was definitely some cigar smoking times being held throughout the ordeal.

I’m assuming Linda’s dad is busting on Jim, but I can’t remember what he was saying 🙂

The Hay-Adams has some beautiful China!

Linda and Jim used Georgetown cupcake for their sweets (again future Brides, another option that will never disappoint!). YUM!

They’re cute 🙂

Oh, and did I mention that this was our view from the rooftop terrace? We could see the snipers and workers on the roof of the White House. How awesome is that?!

Listening to a speech by the maid of honor, and seriously, could not be cuter 🙂

*sigh*… what a wonderful wedding. So beautiful and full of love from two of the most genuine people I know 🙂

I know the people in Minnesota are probably laughing at us (I’m talking about you, Culbertsons), but we just had the most massive dump of snow in 24 hours that I ever remember! I know that back in ’93, ’96 and one other year where we also had copious amounts of snow, but it wasn’t in that short amount of time. Personally, I loved it 🙂 Now it’s getting kind of cold and dreary, but those two days were awwwesome!

The snow started Friday night and went until late Saturday night. We originally had planned on going to our friends house for a “family dinner” that night, but it was semi-canceled because no one could go anywhere, BUT we had Wes’ four-wheel drive Wrangler and we went anyway! Oh boy am I glad that we went! We had prime-rib, potato pie, asparagus, and just deliciousness all around. Mmmmm…. Too bad there are no pictures. I was too busy eating. We probably had about 2 feet of snow total. The pictures I took are from when we had maybe 8 – 10 inches. So we’re not even close in these pictures to what we really got.

But here are some pictures of the snow before that face-stuffing evening –

Here’s Bryce before she decided that she was not a huge fan of the snow:


Some pretty scenery shots,



Wes making a snow angel! WOO!


This kind of reminds me of Narnia 🙂


DSC_4695 bw

*Kissing snowflakes*




She was totally much happier in the jeep watching dad clear off the car than she was in the snow.


Our awesome Christmas wreath 🙂 We have the best Realtor! His name is Will Gaskins, we also worked a lot with Andy Biggers who is equally as incredible, they work for Weichert. They sent us this wreath for our front door for our new home. Seriously, that’s just one of the many things that they have done for us, if you are in the DC Metro area I highly recommend them! You can find them here. Give ’em a call!


Bryce wondering why I am a crazy woman hanging out outside in the cold, white, wet stuff.


This is one of my favorites of the day:

DSC_4709 bw