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Oh man, y’all… Blogging… What can I tell you? It’s obviously not my thing. So I’ll skip the apologies and just share some of my favorite pictures and families from over the past couple (uh… six?) months.

I’ve done maternity sessions that quickly turned into newborn sessions (did you know that when you hire me to take pictures of your baby it’s also mandatory that I get to snuggle with your baby?), I’ve had 8,032 family sessions for the Christmas season (I love family sessions with all my heart), and an awesome, amazing, wedding (Weddings! Who knew that they would quickly become my favorite thing to do!).

Without further ado…


Oh that glorious, shining light in these kids 🙂

(I couldn’t decide between these two pictures.. I mean really, could you? Look at those CHEEKS!)

Weddings! Brides, listen up… You want to do a first look before your wedding, seriously. It’s one of the most amazing intimate moments you will get with your groom all day long. They will still tear up and get all emotional on you when you walk down that aisle, even if they’ve seen you already 🙂

Phew! It was an amazing fall/winter/spring time for me with these lovely people! I can’t wait for the summer time, I know it’s hot, but that’s why you have hoses, water guns and swimsuits! Because whose kid doesn’t look super adorable in a swimsuit?

If you’re looking for some new, fresh family photos, now is the perfect time! If you have a new squishy one that needs to be cuddled, I mean captured in photos, they will only be this age once, get them in print before those little piggies become big piggies.

Thanks to all my families for allowing me to be part of your life, if only for a short period of time. I treasure these moments, and I hope you do to!

I met Latoria in college, we were both Social Work majors and had about 90% of our classes together (because it was such a small major we all saw each other ALL THE TIME!). Latoria was always quiet and reserved at school, and was one of the hardest working people I have met! So I was super excited when she asked me if I would photograph her wedding 🙂 JB is his name and they also have a little boy named Jayden who is such a ham and the cutest little boy I’ve seen in a while 🙂 I had such a fun day! It was blazing hot so we didn’t stay out too long to take portraits, but I was so thankful that the ceremony and reception were indoors, yay!

The Mamas 🙂

Latoria’s little boy, Jayden, checking himself out in the mirror

Dress time!

I love this, JB saw Latoria walk, closed his eyes and sighed 🙂

It was so cute to see them watch each other as Latoria was walking down the aisle.

They both wrote their own vows and had the whole place (self included) in tears! They were so sweet!

Poor JB must have been sweltering in that suit, but he was a trooper and it helped for some great pictures,

These next two are by my second shooter, Erin, who is awesome and is going to put me out of business because she is so talented 🙂 I can’t wait to shoot with her again someday!

Dance time!

Latoria left to change into her second dress and totally rocked it when she came back!

JB and Latoria thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day! You are two wonderful people with lovely hearts that touch everyone you meet 🙂

Sooo, I think my average for blogging a wedding is what… 3 months? That’s horrible…

What’s not horrible was Gloria and Johns wedding 🙂 What a wonderful couple to be with! I loved being able to take part in their wedding, their love for each other was obvious, and they certainly had SO much fun with each other! I love when I get couples who not only love each other, but they *like* each other. They want to be around one another and have fun when they are together! That was definitely Gloria and John.

Here’s Gloria getting more gorgeous than she already is,

Her stunning dress,

She was so cute, she smiled the whole morning and could not wait to walk down that aisle to her husband 🙂

At this point she was practically running to get there,

The cutest little flower girls 🙂

Gloria is all smiles, but the real reason for this picture is her dad. I love it 🙂 He was either nervous or hot. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was seriously 800 degrees outside.


Ahh, priceless face 🙂

Red velvet cupcakes! YES! Seriously, how did I miss out on yet another wedding cake (or cupcake)?

She got him good, but you should see the other side of her face 🙂

Gloria was nice though, she cleaned John up pretty well 😉

John and Gloria, thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of your day! You two are tons of fun to be around (not to mention your family, that was one rocking reception!), and I love how you love each other. Sometimes Brides and Grooms just kind of go through their wedding day like it’s something to check off of their list. It was a nice awesome to be with you two who obviously had so much joy for that day 🙂 Thanks again, I wish you two nothing but the best!

Ok guys, I think we’re gonna finish this up today with a few details from the rest of Emily and Zach’s wedding 🙂 Emily was definitely not one to skimp on the details, and while I’m not posting them all, everything was perfectly done!

Here’s the outdoor bar with a chalkboard telling you what kind of beer you could have (sidenote: there was also sweet tea – YEAH! – and at the end of the night they served iced coffee with the cake instead of hot coffee because it was SO HOT outside, good call!)

The bourbon that Zach wanted because he was a fan of old-fashioned’s:

The place settings were super-cute as well, I know that the wedding party and family put these together all themselves. I love how everyone’s name was stamped on their place setting. That was just one of those small details that totally pulled things together.

Each table had a lemon marker with a number telling you where you should be located,

Each table (which were really long), had several cakes each,

This is the bride and groom nephew and niece, they really enjoyed playing with the water fountain out front!

Water never tasted so good 🙂

Lining the path from the parking area to the barn were bags filled with candles and it looked incredible when the sun was setting!

This was pretty much the dance floor the entire night, what a fun party it was! 🙂

Zach decided to jump in and help the bartender make old-fashioned’s the way that he liked them,

This is also pretty much how the bar outside looked the entire evening 🙂

Zach and Emily, thanks once again SO much for allowing me to be a part of your day! What a fun and special wedding to be able to capture. You two are awesome and I can’t wait to meet up with you again someday 🙂