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Wes, Bryce and I took off to Gordonsville, VA for the weekend for a little getaway. Our anniversary was yesterday, the 5th, and we decided it would be nice to spend the weekend away. My mom and step-dad were nice enough to let us use one of their timeshares that was in Gordonsville. The ‘resort’ is about half an hour, or so, from Charlottesville, VA.

We stayed in a Yurt (go here for a picture of what they look like from the outside, I forgot to take one), which was pretty stinkin’ cool. When we walked inside, this was our view:

Welcome to our Yurt

We had such a relaxing time at the yurt (I love that word…). We had no internet connection, no cellphone service. Nothing. It was kind of weird not having any connection to the “outside” world, but I soon found it to be very relaxing not having anything to worry about 🙂 Here’s some more Yurt pictures:

We then met up with my friend Maggie who lives in Charlottesville, VA. She was only about a half an hour away and she was kind enough to give us a mini-tour of Charlottesville. She showed us this wonderful sandwich place (and the name totally slipped my mind) which had only organic food (sandwiches, soups, etc), and was the MOST delicious sandwich I’d ever had:

It was called The Adam’s Apple Sandwich and it had turkey, bacon, lettuce, apple butter, granny smith apple slices, goat cheese, some kind of delicious sauce, and just wonderfulness all throughout. SO GOOD. Thank you Maggie 🙂

That’s Maggie with Bryce. Bryce certainly loved Maggie (and vice-versa, I’m sure!) A
After we had lunch, we went on a little excursion down the main path of downtown Charlottesville. It has so many cute little stores, and we stopped inside a few art stores and one awesomely cute bookstore made even cuter when our little one was visiting;

(seriously, now that she is sitting up, it makes it SO much easier to take pictures of her!)

We also found a chalk wall that people could write messages/names/obscenities/etc on. Maggie found the perfect little spot for Bryce to sit by (this is by far my favorite picture from the trip):

Of course there were many other photo ops to take advantage of:

And we had to get a group shot, thank you window reflection for obliging,

Bryce soon decided that she wanted to be a lump of potatoes and passed out in my arms. It was cute, but man is that kid getting heavy!

Wes and I went back to the yurt (yay yurt!) shortly thereafter and my wonderful husband grilled us some grass-fed steaks (YUM) along with grilled asparagus and some local VA wine. SO GOOD! I didn’t get a picture of the dinner cause I scarfed it down so quickly, but here is the cute little wine shop we got our local wine from:

Unfortunately we had to leave the next day… Hopefully we’ll be able to go back sometime in the future (or at least vacation somewhere else, I love seeing new places!). But here is a leaving shot of the beautiful Virginia country side. I was really hoping that the cows might come closer to the fence, but it was cold and they didn’t seem too interested so my patience quickly waned. So long cows!