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Easter was a lot more fun this year (in my opinion) with Bryce because she could participate, and she loved it! She had so much fun trying to find the eggs around the yard. We did two egg hunts this year, one at Wes’ cousins house and one at my grandmothers house. The one at the cousins house had eggs with treats inside (and of course I had forgotten my camera…), but the eggs at my grandma’s were empty. Sad. Bryce was disappointed to say the least when she found nothing in the eggs the second time around.

But the pictures sure are cute 🙂

This is just one of many bunny decorations to be found at my grandmothers:

She was a super-speedy egg finder!

We had to keep stealing eggs out of her basket because we ran out of eggs to hide and she kept wanting to find more!

Some eggs were hanging out on dad’s feet. I remember finding eggs in my grandpa’s shirt collar, he was sitting in the same chair that Wes was sitting in. I think they would have gotten along 🙂

That face kills me 🙂

My grandmother grows the prettiest daffodils!

All done with the egg hunt this year.

We are so lucky to have a professional chef in our family! My aunt made the best coconut cake. Complete with peeps on top!

Bryce is still looking for candy in the eggs..

One more of the cake for good measure 🙂

And some beautiful tulips to end 🙂


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  1. mom #
    April 13, 2010

    man oh man i would love to have been with you all! Bryce looks like she had a great time… reminds me so much of all the fun we had when you were little. joy, joy, joy….

    love, Mom

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