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Yay for being “on a roll!” Ha, just kidding. I really have better stuff to do. Like MY JOB.

I just realized I never posted any cherry blossom pictures from when I went to DC with a Flickr friend the other week. And since today is gross and dreary, and most of the cherry blossoms have lost their perfect, little petals, I thought it would be nice to post a few little pretties on here.


This one is foggy and not so generally “pretty”, but there’s something about the grey and lonely that is soothing. For some reason.


Bryce took quite a liking to the cherry blossoms. It was her first time ever seeing them and she loved just taking it all in.


Some cherry blossoms with the Jefferson Memorial behind them. This place always holds special memories for me 🙂


The Washington Monument framed with some petals. You know, I’ve lived in the DC area for a good 90-something % of my life and have never been inside the monument. One day!

five six

The above two pictures are my friend Ingrid who I met on flickr. She met up with me and Bryce, with two of her four kiddos, and we walked around taking some pictures of the trees and then went for lunch at Teaism. Please go there someday 🙂


Here’s her little boy and girl. ADORABLE children 🙂

We found a photographers and childs heaven near the Monument. There was a beautiful canopy of trees surrounding us and it snowed petals. What magic!


The sky wasn’t blue, but it made for a nice diffuser when taking pictures of the trees. I do prefer a white background here over a blue one. It makes it a little more surreal to me.

ten eleven

Here are Ingrid’s kids again. Seriously, they are just so precious!


It appears that the Cherry Blossoms are not the only pretty flowers in DC during the festival! These tulips are just lovely! There were so many other colors, but I enjoyed the red and yellow ones the best. They were so striking.


Again, not a cherry blossom picture, but I love it. The fog is so pretty to me 🙂