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Sooo, I think my average for blogging a wedding is what… 3 months? That’s horrible…

What’s not horrible was Gloria and Johns wedding 🙂 What a wonderful couple to be with! I loved being able to take part in their wedding, their love for each other was obvious, and they certainly had SO much fun with each other! I love when I get couples who not only love each other, but they *like* each other. They want to be around one another and have fun when they are together! That was definitely Gloria and John.

Here’s Gloria getting more gorgeous than she already is,

Her stunning dress,

She was so cute, she smiled the whole morning and could not wait to walk down that aisle to her husband 🙂

At this point she was practically running to get there,

The cutest little flower girls 🙂

Gloria is all smiles, but the real reason for this picture is her dad. I love it 🙂 He was either nervous or hot. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was seriously 800 degrees outside.


Ahh, priceless face 🙂

Red velvet cupcakes! YES! Seriously, how did I miss out on yet another wedding cake (or cupcake)?

She got him good, but you should see the other side of her face 🙂

Gloria was nice though, she cleaned John up pretty well 😉

John and Gloria, thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of your day! You two are tons of fun to be around (not to mention your family, that was one rocking reception!), and I love how you love each other. Sometimes Brides and Grooms just kind of go through their wedding day like it’s something to check off of their list. It was a nice awesome to be with you two who obviously had so much joy for that day 🙂 Thanks again, I wish you two nothing but the best!