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I have another kid! WOOHOO! You thought I didn’t post regularly enough before, just you wait 🙂

Her name is Mina Star, and she was born October 21st and was 6lbs, 4oz, a little peanut compared to Miss Bryce when she was born. She is a week old in these pictures and is now 4 weeks old (holy cow, seriously, where does the time go?!). She is so precious, even when she’s awake (EVERY DAY) from 4:30am till her big sister gets up.

I wrote up my birth story if you’re ever interested in those kind of things, and it’s super long even though I was in labor for less than 2 hours (yikes, talk about being efficient – something this blog never sees).

Anyway, here’s the cuteness, I have more recent pictures, but you know… Those probably won’t get up for another 2 months 🙂

(yeah she looks a little yellow in these pictures, and some of it’s jaundice but most of it is lazy editing)


Bryce LOVES and ADORES this kid, it’s so sweet 🙂

Aaaand we’re done 😉