Photography of weddings, children, places, and people.

I don’t know why I neglect my blog like I do… I just… have no excuse 🙂

I especially have no excuse for this family, because I had SO MUCH FUN photographing them! And the kids were just delightful and so amazing to hang out with! When they all arrived at the park, the kids hopped out of the car, said hi, gathered themselves on the grass and POSED THEMSELVES! All on their own! Like pro-models. See for yourselves:

Seriously. Couldn’t make my job any easier! Also, the day was gorgeous, so that didn’t hurt either.


Jumping is fun!



Family cuddle time 🙂

I’m normally not a huge fan of matchy-matchy, but this family totally pulled it off and made me want to do the same with my family. I mean seriously, look at all those smiley faces!

Thanks Kayo and Cary! Your family is amazing and I can’t wait to hang out with you again soon 🙂