Photography of weddings, children, places, and people.

I mean just look at them!

And CHICKENS, you all! Chickens! I totally want some for my small backyard. That would work, right?

This next family is near and dear to my heart. I haven’t known them for super long, but I love and adore them like I’ve known them forever! These next few pictures are back from earlier this summer when Melissa was pregnant and it was just a family of three. She asked if we could do more of a lifestyle photography, instead of posey-pose kind of pictures. And let me tell you, I was ALL for it. I’m not the best at posing families or people, I love following people around with my camera and just capturing life. I feel like that is where my pictures shine. Thank you, Melissa, for wanting the kind of pictures that I love to do. Your family was the perfect one to capture and to start on that road of photojournalism again 🙂

Not only did I get to capture their family at their home, but I was honored to be there at the birth of their second child, a daughter. I was asked to come capture the birth, and despite my failing camera, I was able to capture some amazing, intimate moments.

Congrats to Matt, Melissa, Linden, and baby Elsa! You all are such a lovely and wonderful family! I wish you all were closer 🙂