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Bryce and I went to this little place off of 15 called Pumpkinville with Keri and Hailey. I had such a good time! Bryce was having a great time until she fell down the slide backwards and Keri had to catch her. Then the rest of the day was really hit or miss with her sparkling attitude 🙂

Anyway, we saw tons of baby animals, and were allowed to pet a few, even though the girls wanted nothing to do with them. I bet next year they’ll be chasing them around. This is a long one, so hang on to your hats!:

This is Bryce staring down a turtle that is like 28 times her size. It’s hard to tell the turtle’s size in this picture, but really… 28 times is not much of an exaggeration. The thing was ENORMOUS!


Here’s one of the cute little goats (and a picture of it’s CUTE FEET) that the girls wanted nothing to do with…



Some scary emu’s,


a cute little ladybug! I put it on Hailey, but she was not as excited about it as I was…


This llama kept following us around. And I swear it wanted to step on all the kids but never did because it knew that it probably wouldn’t get fed anymore after that.


Chickens! They were playing in the sandbox that the girls wanted to play in. Awesome.


Seriously, all these fun animals to play with, and all these neat things to do and they want to play in the dirt. Bryce cried when I picked her up and we moved on. Mom of the year…



We went on an awesome hayride. We were the only ones on, which was nice. Although at one point I swear I thought we were going to tip into the pond. Not so awesome.


We found a moon-bounce! Which was also not so much fun to drag them away from..


What a looker 🙂


Sharing time in the wagon. Well, I guess not so much sharing was going on. It was more “you can look but if you touch it I’ll hit you.”


“My preeeciouuus…”  (oh man, those lips are killing me!)


Some goose gourds, or whatever they’re called.


The inspiration for the name of the place:


Cute little bugger:


Awww, she’s smiling!


Fun times had by all! Can’t wait till next year when they are big enough to not whine every 5 seconds. Yay!