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I’m pretty sure that will never happen again! Ha!
My friend Scooter is starting his own musical gig, and he asked me to take some pictures of him for promo shots. We decided on Georgetown for the location because, well, it’s just awesome! Wes and I went early so we could go to Georgetown Cupcake, but the line was FOREVER long, and since we had Bryce with us, I didn’t really want to wait in line. Plus, it was such a gorgeous day outside I wanted to walk around in the sunshine while it lasted (sidenote: it’s 40 and raining today…. glad I soaked up that sun when I could!).

Scotter and his fiance, Ashley, joined us a bit later and we got to some picture taking, and here they are:


This is probably my favorite photo, even though you can’t see his face. I don’t know what it is about sunflare that makes me so giddy, but man… it does something for me!


I think this looks like an emo-Scooter, but I like it anyway 🙂


“Look off into the distance,” I said. Man, I am not good at directing people. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open!


Just a little smile 🙂


I like this one as well. It was his idea to take pictures from me looking down on him. At least my subjects know how to pose themselves 🙂


This was also his idea. “The Neon Lights” is the name of his band.


Somehow this looks suuuuper sharpened in here. This is the one photo I edited in PhotoShop and I love it, but think it came out a little too sharp.


(ah! I hear the baby squaking, I gotta wrap this up!)


This is Ashley, Scooter’s fiancee. She came along as the wardrobe assistant, and is just fun to hang out with in general! Congrats you two!

Scooter, I’ll get these to you ASAP, I promise 🙂